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Tuesday Delivery, June 14, 2022 - Summer vacation has officially started! Now the fun begins...Beaches, pools, camps, trips, gardens, games and gatherings. Everyone is on the move. "Chef Ann's Dinners To Go" is also making a summer move to a new delivery schedule..

Herb Roasted Chicken, Garden Picked Vegetables, & Fresh Fruit Salad with topping

What's a chicken's favorite dance?
Obviously it's the chicken dance! It's poultry in motion.
You too will be doing the "Chicken Dance" after eating this healthy, savory chicken. The skin is coated in butter, simple seasonings, and fresh herbs before it's baked until golden brown. It comes with fresh vegetables that have been picked right from the garden. An assortment of berries, melon, and citrus come together to create this delicious and healthy side dish. It's sprinkled with a touch of orange juice that fuses the fruit with tang, but it's mellowed by the sweetness of a dab of honey.

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